Rochester Academy is dedicated to helping each of their dancers achieve their goals. We are grateful to have had so many of our dancers achieve impressive placements at regional, national, and world competitions as well as dancers who have pursued professional Irish Dance performance careers.

We are proud to be the Rochester Saint Patrick's Day parade Best Irish Dance School 2018 and 2019!!!

2019 Oireachtas Results

3 x TOP 5


2021 World Qualifiers

Maggie Broomfield u19🌎

Carly Hoy U19 🌎

Sophie Grey u21🌎

Annabelle McGinnity u16🌎

Aaron Lynch U16🌎

Nate Lynch U14🌎

Ava Gaudieri  u14🌎

Linden Gawronski u11🌎

North American Nationals 2019

Maggie Broomfield-5th

Sophie Grey-8th

Aaron Lynch-13th

Linden Gawronski-14th

Payge Merritt-27th

Sarah Lynch-31st

Annabelle McGinnity-34th

Carly Hoy-38th

2018 North American Nationals 

Podium Placer and 2017

Regional Champion

Riverdance Summer School


Renee Burns

Kelly Palamar

Skylar Jenks

Sarah Lynch

Carly Hoy

Morgan McTighe

Meg Sweeney

United States Nationals Champion 2021

 🌟Linden Gawronski-1st Place🌟

Studio2Stage Cast Members

Grace McGinnity

Renee Burns

Abi Graham-Luke

Allison LeStrange

Moira Broomfield

Skylar Jenks

Carly Hoy

2018 World Qualifiers

Kiera Wilson u14🌎

Maggie Broomfield u16🌎

Jamie Gudyka u16🌎

Abi Graham-Luke u17🌎

Sophie Grey u18🌎

Megan Sweeney u18🌎

Skylar Jenks u19🌎

Kelly Palamar u21🌎


🌟 Sophie Grey 🌟

Cast Member of the Prestigious Trinity Irish Dance Company

Abi Graham-Luke

Check out Sophie in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Parade of Champions

Watch Abi's Audition Video for TIDC