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Novice Hair

Salmon of Knowledge Dancers

You will need;

Wig Tips

1) Start first by sectioning the hair (bangs to cover pouf, high bridge to build at the top of head, two low pigtails just behind the ears for side doughnuts). 

2) Divide the bangs into five sections to cover the pouf. Remember to pull the pouf more forward than you think you need to, and then push it forward some more. You might need to grab some extra hair at the temples if your daughter's hair is thin there. The center section at the top of the head usually grows in thicker than the sides, so you can make this section smaller than the two on either side and spread this section out as wide as you can.

3) Build the height by pinning the doughnut to the ponytail, and then arcing the long french-twist over the doughnut like a rainbow. (Remember, we are not leaving space for the headband like we did in years past as the headband bow will sit on top of the front pouf. Therefore, you want to build the height on top of the head as close to the front pouf as possible, not back at the crown of the head). If the top ponytail is not high enough the headband will not sit properly, the wig line will be visible above the ear, the wig will not have height on the head and it will sink low in the back giving the appearance that the dancer has poor posture. If the ponytail isn't forward enough save yourself the trouble and redo it before going any further, you will thank yourself later. 

4) Pin the doughnuts over the pigtails. 

5) Secure the wig starting at the top and moving down either side towards the nape of the neck, continuously pulling the wig forward to cover the hairline. Cross all pins in an X so they hold tight. 

6) Spray pouf and comb back fly-aways with eyebrow brush.

7) Place headband and have dancer jump around testing for any loose spots. 

8) Give your dancer a big high-five, nice job!

 Ask Rachel what type novice wig

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