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Kathleen O'Keefe

Rachel Burke

Paula Burke

 Kathleen O’Keefe, Rachel Burke, and Paula Burke are all first-generation Irish-Americans. Their parents instilled in them a passion for Irish dance and Irish culture and encouraged them to pursue their passion for dance. Today they are able to share their love for dance with a new generation of children. They love Irish dance and strive to create a dynamic Irish dance school in which they can share this passion with any and all dancers. Between them they have many years of Irish dance teaching experience. They have trained numerous championship-level dancers, world qualifiers, and the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Region Oireachtas champ in addition to many adult dancers. Some of their dancers have gone on to perform
professionally in Irish dance shows or pursue Irish dance at the collegiate level.Their teaching methods instill a love for irish dance in their students while emphasizing proper technique. Their school is on the leading edge in Rochester as competitive Irish dance evolves as an international sport.

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